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XHMP-90P In-situ Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Product description

      This device is an integral part of the “10th Five-Year” National Major Technical Equipment (Science and Technology Research) Project - the Complete Equipment Development Plan for South-to-North Water Transfer Project - Automatic Water Quality Monitoring System. It is able to monitor the parameters including dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll a, and blue-green algae. It is widely used for the monitoring of quality of surface waters like river, lake and reservoir, as well as groundwater

 Main Characteristics:

Maintenance-free operation: dedicated flow cell with built-in cleaning
device available;
International first-class quality, with state-of-the-art electrodes, stable
performance, and reliable operation;
RS485/232 digital output, and MODBUS standard protocol;
Power-off protection and automatic recovery when powered on, so that theset parameters are not lost from power failure, and all user settings are
saved in memory;
Modular design, multiple parameters freely combined, plug-and-play probes,
and parameter expansion available;
No need to refill reagent and no reagent consumption;
In-system digital signal transmission distance up to 1,800m
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