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XHPM2025 Portable Particle Light Scattering Monitor

Product description
XHPM2025 particle automatic monitor uses the principle of light scattering to automatically measure the mass concentration of particles in the air (such as TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1). It is a simple method to measure the concentration. The unit of particle concentration is mg/m3 or µg/m3. It adopts a laser light source emitted by a laser diode, and the focused light beam passes through a three-dimensional detection cavity along the x direction. At the intersection of the three-dimensional detection cavity, the tested sample is introduced from the z direction and reacts with the laser beam to scatter part of the light. The unscattered light is projected onto the black body along the original direction to be absorbed, the scattered light in the y direction is detected by a sensitive detector, and the measured scattered light intensity is used to calculate the content of particles in the ambient air. 
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