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Company Profile

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2000 Launched the first air quality testing system with proprietary intellectual property rights, and became a leadership in the market.

2001 COD online monitoring instrument accessed to national certification of environmental protection.   

2003 Launched the online monitoring instrument of Chinese water quality first in China.   

2005 Successfully developed the digital emergency monitoring vehicles.   

2010.11.05 Sailhero listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We became the first listed company in environmental monitoring industry in China.   

2011 First to launched the automatic monitoring system of ground water quality.   

2012 Sailhero PM2.5 monitoring instrument successfully became one of the “Recommended manufacturers of PM2.5 monitoring instrument”.   

2013 Sailhero monitoring system of air quality widely applicated in China, and reached 30% market share.   

2014 Acquired Cooper Environmental Service ( CES ) Company, Kedilong Scientific Instrument & Equipment Company, Ltd Guangzhou and Xiande Environmental Protection Hi-Tech Company, Ltd Guangxi. We are now entering a new segment of conglomerate.