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     Kedilong is an influential professional environmental protection company in Guangdong and Guangxi province. Its main fields are sales of environmental protection instruments and integration and operation of online automatic monitoring systems for water, air and radiation. The company has been committed to the research, introduction and promotion of advanced technology in the field of environmental protection. Since its establishment, the company's business has developed rapidly and vigorously, and has established good partnerships with a number of well-known domestic research institutions (Ministry of Environmental Protection, South China Institute of Science, Guangxi Environmental Science Research Institute, etc.), universities (Beijing University, ZhongShan University, etc.), and participated as a major force in the Ministry of Environmental Protection national air quality monitoring station networking monitoring, Shenzhen Universiade air quality monitoring, Guangzhou Asian Games environmental security (including air quality monitoring and forecasting, automobile exhaust monitoring, radiation safety monitoring), Guangxi river water quality monitoring network monitoring, Guangxi near-shore sea water quality monitoring, 863 key city group air compound pollution comprehensive prevention and control projects. Being the first batch of domestic service providers to carry out the third-party operators of environmental automatic monitoring system, Kedilong is currently responsible for the operation and maintenance of a total of more than 200 water, air, buoy and pollution source sites in Guangdong and Guangxi .