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       Chongqing Jihua Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a young enterprise committed to environmental pollution control, based on the ideal of returning "green hills and water, blue sky and white clouds" to the people. Jihua was established in May 2014, settled in Chongqing Wanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, the company's operating area is about 10,000 square meters, the initial investment in the project capital of about 50 million RMB, the annual production capacity of environmental protection facilities and equipment are more than 1,000 units , annual sales are more than 150 million RMB. Jihua's shareholder -Sailhero is the first domestic listed company related to environmental protection industry (stock code 300137), which is a professional manufacturer of online environmental monitoring instruments with strong independent innovation capability, full range of products and large scale.

       Sailhero focus on high-end environmental monitoring instrumentation research and development and production of high-tech innovation. It also has five major online monitoring systems and digital emergency monitoring vehicles, including continuous automatic air quality monitoring system, continuous automatic water quality monitoring system, online COD monitoring system, online flue gas monitoring system, and continuous automatic acid rain monitoring system. It has been insisting on independent innovation to lead the development, and many technologies fill the gaps in China. In recent years, it has carried out more than 70 scientific research projects, including 2 national science and technology research projects in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, 1 technological innovation project in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, 1 science and technology research project in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, 1 national science and technology support project in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, 1 national major technology equipment development project, 1 national science and technology research project, 3 863 projects, and 1 national high-tech industrialization demonstration project.

     We have obtained 17 national authorized patents, 20 software products and 9 national new products. In recent years, while leading the domestic environmental protection industry, Sailhero has the strategic goal of "being the world's most professional supplier of high-end environmental monitoring instruments" and carried out a global, in-depth strategic cooperation with Ecotec Australia. This not only marks the further deepening of the partnership between the two parties, but also represents the arrival of the era of localized quality service for international high-end environmental monitoring instruments led by Sailhero.