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         Sichuan Sailhero( the first listed company in the domestic environmental monitoring instrument industry.stock code: 300137) initiated the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, in April 2013 Chengdu Jintang County, Huai Kou Town, Sichuan Jintang Industrial Park completed registration, registered capital of 50 million yuan, covers an area of 100 acres. It is mainly engaged in the development and product production and sales of environmental online monitoring equipment, supporting equipment and special software for environmental protection; design, consultation and later operation and maintenance of environmental monitoring solutions. Sichuan Sailhero is a key leading project introduced by Jintang County for the energy-saving and environmental protection industry functional zone built by Chengdu City - Jintang Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industrial Park. After the full implementation of the project, it can strongly improve the technical level of Sichuan's air environment monitoring instrument products, promote the technological upgrade of Jintang County and even Sichuan Province's environmental monitoring equipment industry, reduce the dependence of domestic environmental monitoring stations on foreign imported advanced equipment, reduce environmental monitoring costs and ease the burden on the government.