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         Hebei Sailhero Justest  Environmental Testing Co., Ltd. is an independent and professional environmental inspection and testing organization. With a registered capital of 10 million RMB and a construction area of 1500 square meters, it passed the CMA inspection and testing organization qualification firstly in June 2015.

       The company currently has 137 sets of advanced testing equipment at home and abroad, such as Agilent gas chromatograph, Agilent high performance liquid chromatograph, Agilent gas chromatograph, Shimadzu atomic absorption spectrophotometer, particulate matter sampler, continuous air quality monitoring system, atomic fluorescence photometer, SKALAR continuous flow analyzer, and has established the first professional weighing PM2.5 constant temperature and humidity room, the business scope covers the fields of environment and air, pollution source and exhaust gas, surface water, groundwater, domestic drinking water, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, soil substrate, solid waste, noise and vibration, oil and gas recovery, etc., and the detection substances reach 856 items.

       On the basis of advanced equipment and technology, the company has established a professional testing team with "outstanding professional technology, first-class service quality, excellent management level and positive attitude", which provides reliable support and guarantee for testing data and ensures that users get efficient environmental monitoring services.