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XHOZ2000B Ozone Monitor

Product description

     Sailhero XHOZ2000B O3 monitor is based on ultraviolet absorption method, and O3 concentration in the air is monitored through the principle that O3 molecules generate electro response of different strengths before and after absorbing 254nm ultraviolet light. A hollow glass tube is irradiated by an ultraviolet lamp with an emission wavelength of 254nm; through solenoid valve switching, the glass tube is alternately filled with sample gas and O3-eliminated reference gas. The ratio of light intensity between O3-eliminated reference gas and sample gas is I0/I, through this value, the concentration of O3 can be calculated by Lambert-Beer formula.

 Main characteristics:

English/Chinese interface;
Touch-screen control;
Manual or remote automatic zero/span calibration;
The measuring unit is optional, and the measuring range is automatically changed;
Ratio determination eliminates the influence on measuring result imposed by aging of light
source and optical surface pollution of absorption cell;
Constant temperature and closed-loop control of the ultraviolet lamp ensure the stability of
the luminous intensity of the ultraviolet lamp;
Autodiagnosis and alarm function;
Temperature and pressure automatic compensation and correction;
Built-in dynamic data storage function;
You can view data, alarm records and calibration records;
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