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XHWS-9000 Compact Water Monitoring Station

Product description

       XHWS-9000 Compact Water Monitoring Station is an independent innovation product of Sailhero which has fully independent intellectual property rights. Low power consumption, small reagent consumption and little hazardous waste. It can monitor the conventional five parameters (conductivity, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and temperature) of water quality, ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other characteristic pollutants, and the same national standard method as that of the traditional automatic monitoring station is adopted.

Main Characteristics:

National standard method adopted, high data reliability and accuracy, and highly consistent
with laboratory data through comparison;
Automatic switch of measuring range, and automatically adaptive to the change of actual
water sample concentration;
Calibration, quality control, cleaning, verification with reference solution, automatic
calibration and automatic cleaning available in remote manner, small amount of maintenance, and
effective guarantee of data accuracy and reliability;
Simple water collecting pipeline, redundancy design; self-cleaning and maintenance-free;
Green monitoring and low reagent consumption; spent liquor treated by sort, resulting to less
harmful spent liquor;
Integrated design of the instrument, with high integration, small size (occupying an area less
than 1 square meter), light weight and convenient relocation;
Data storage, query and export available; built-in data storage, with data being effectively
saved for more than 5 years;
Conforming to Technical Guidelines for Communication Protocol of National Surface Water
Automatic Monitoring Instrument and Technical Guidelines for Communication Protocol of
National Surface Water Automatic Monitoring System
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