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XHWS-7000 Stationary Water Quality Monitoring System

Product description

     Sailhero XHWS-7000 system is composed of system control and data acquisition and transmission unit,water collection and distribution and water sample pretreatment unit, and analytical unit integrating XHWS7000 series water quality automatic monitor. It is a standard station type water quality automatic station system. The system can integrate 7000 series water quality monitoring equipment, and can be extended to 17 parameters (including five conventional water quality parameters) or even more.Sailhero XHWS-7000 system is widely used in the continuous and automatic quality monitoring stations of surface waters like river, lake and reservoir, as well as sewage and industrial wastewater.

Main Characteristics:

Small system integration size, high integration, small occupied area, and high station
construction efficiency;
Strong extendibility of basic detection parameters, which can be extended to 17 parameters or
more (29 parameters);
Voltage stabilization and UPS power-off protection, reducing the adverse effects of abnormal
power failure;
Collection and pretreatment o ensure the representativeness of water samples with littleintegration interference;
Automatic switch of double pumps and double pipelines, one for standby and one for use,
with high reliability;
The preset processing flow can be switched according to the water quality and monitoring
parameters to adapt to the monitoring error caused by the change of water quality;
The sedimentation tank is designed with automatic cleaning function to adapt to various
water quality conditions and improve operation and maintenance efficiency
Automatic sampling, automatic cleaning and automatic algae removal available, small
amount of operation and maintenance work;
Monitoring of data acquisition and transmission: the system collects the detection data of the
monitoring instrument and transmits them remotely through GPRS and other communication
modes (wireless, wired networking and other optional modes), which makes it available to obtain
real monitoring data anytime and anywhere;
Collected data storage, query and export available; built-in data storage, with data being
effectively saved for more than 5 years;
Remote reverse control and quality control (calibration, quality control, cleaning, verification
with reference solution, standard recovery, etc.) available, greatly reducing operation and
maintenance costs and effectively guaranteeing data reliability;



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