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XHAQSP-700 Series Micro Air Station

Product description
XHAQSP-700 Series is a real time/on line monitor that monitoring hazardous gas around industrial parks; the monitoring parameters includes NH3, H2S, HCL, CL2, HF,VOCs, Temperature and Humidity. This kind of instrument could formulate a tight monitoring network for hazardous gas by grid installation because it has small size, multiple power supply modes, accurate data, etc...
XHAQSP-700 Series instrument is based on wireless communication technology, and numbers of sensor network monitoring devices could communicate safely with the server, and establish a grid precise monitoring platform to collect monitoring data onto the “cloud”. With a tight installation and meteorological parameters, it will catch out the danger signal, effectively decrease harm to the human and the environment from the toxic and harmful gas.
Model:XHAQSP 704/706
XHAQSP-704 Parameters:NH3, H2S, HCL, CL2,Temp, RH 
XHAQSP-706 Parameters:NH3, H2S, HCL, CL2, HF, VOCs, Temp, RH
Time Resolution:2 minutes 
Power:Municipality220V)、Solar Panel12V)
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