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XHAQSN-806M Portable Air Quality Monitor

Product description
XHAQSN-806M is a real time/on line portable monitor that monitoring PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NO2, O3, CO. The monitor powered by lithium battery and monitoring data is transmitted to the server in real time via GPRS wireless communication. You can check real-time measurement data through the website or cell phone application. The maximum resolution of the data can reach seconds. With GPS positioning function,
monitoring data will be Positioned. The monitor adopts electrochemistry and optical high precision sensors with low detection limit, accurate data and high time resolution. This air quality monitor is always used in some pollutant emission, a pollution incident or other emergency pollution issues, also can be used for real-time monitoring of the operation and maintenance of customer service site.
Monitoring Parameters:PM2.5PM10SO2NO2COO3
Time Resolution:≥1s
Power:Built-in lithium batteryDC12V 1 Alithium battery Charger
Operating Condition:T(-20-60)RH(15%-95%)
Battery:Polymer lithium battery
Operating Length:7h without any external power supply
Storage Condition:0-50、<90%RH
Features:Low cost, Portable ;low power consumption & wireless
Table1 Particulate Matter - Specification
Table2 Gaseous Pollutant - Standard calibration Specification
Table3 Gaseous Pollutant - Networking training performance Specification (Outdoor)
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