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XHAQSN-800 Series Micro Air Station

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According to the situation of Chinese environment, we have realized the importance of real-time ambient quality monitoring.Conventional Air Quality Monitoring System does not cover most of place in the city/town and cannot representing where is the pollution comes from exactly since it cost much. Sailhero have developed latest XHAQSN-800 series micro air quality monitoring system which provides solution to realtime regional AQI monitoring. XHAQSN-800 series will formulate a tight monitoring network enables pre-alert and
important environmental decision making. 
Multiple data online monitoring, which includes PM10, PM2.5, SO2, O3, CO, NO2, TVOC,
Temperature and Humidity.
Customization on specification according to customer requirement. (808, 804, 801)
GPRS/3G/4G module enables remote control.
Auto data information recording every five minutes, realtime update on monitoring network.
Smart mode switch for solar panel ensures one month continuous performing without sunshine.
Double filtration system make the sensor has longer life-time.
Active risk control system reports and records any abnormal data and then through it massage
delivery system to the end user for reminding.
No operating condition requirement, no shelter required.
Independent different module assembled, which makes maintenance easier.
Auto monitoring network system upgrading from cloud.
XHAQSN-804 parameter:PM2.5PM10TempRH
XHAQSN-808 parameter:PM2.5PM10SO2NO2COO3TempRH
Time Resolution:10 s
Power:Municipality220V)、solar panel12V)
Dimension:220*220*300 (mm)
Operating Condition:T(-20-55)RH(15%-95%)
Communication Mode:GPRS
Battery:Lead acid storage battery
Operating Length:240h without any any external power supply
Weight:2.4Kg (5.3lb)
Storage Condition:0-50、<90%RH
XHAQSN-801 parameter:TVOCTempRH
Time Resolution:10s
Power:Municipality220V)、Solar Panel12V)
Operating Condition:T(-20-55)RH(0%-95%)
Communication Mode:GPRS
Battery:Lead acid storage battery
Operating Length:One month without any power supply
Weight:2.4Kg (5.3lb)
Storage Condition:-40-55、<95%RH
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