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XHAQMS3000 Compact Air Quality Station

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XHAQMS3000 Compact Air Quality Station is designed by Sailhero Environmental Protection Hi-tech Co., Ltd. by means of the world’s advanced technology and world famous manufactures. It is a kind of the automatic monitoring system of air quality of the environment with high intelligence, high transparency and reliable performance. The system canautomatically and continuously measure the concentration of SO2nitric oxide(NO, NO2,), CO, and O3, also measures ambient particulate by using well applied beta ray attenuation technology, if needed, could also add the meteorological parameters (wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature,relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, etc).XHAQMS3000 Compact Air Quality Station system is a real-time
monitoring network of a regional air quality monitoring, and a fully automatic as well as unattended system. The general operation of
the system ensures the precision, accuracy, comparability and integrity of the monitoring data.
Monitoring of effect of pollution sources from power plant, petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy,
construction materials, and other large industrial and mining enterprises on the surrounding
environment air quality.
Monitoring of effect of automobile exhaust on atmospheric composition at road junctions
Monitoring of the environment air quality parameters and meteorological parameters at large airport
Key Features:
Start automatically when power supplied.
Self-diagnostic and pre-alart
It is compensatory and corrective automatically for temperature and pressure
The particle module has three sampling modes: integral, continuous and real-time
Store and display monitoring data, historical data, calibration records, alarm records information
Built-in dynamic data storage function, the data monitored by minute could be stored for several
The mode of communication is diverse, optional: RS232, 485 serial output, voltage output (0~5V),
current output (4mA-20mA)
Built-in wireless transmission module, the measuring result can be transmitted through the network
browser, and send to the Center Station or the client cellphone automatically
The instrument adopts constant temperature technology without any other foundation requirement
Operating Temperature: -20~45
PM10/PM2.5 inlet has the certification of the China environmental disease prevention and control
center environmental & health related product safety inspection.
Length: 800mm; Wide: 600mm; Height:1200mm; Weight: 130 kg
The particle analysis module:
Principle: Beta ray attenuation
Optional TSP or PM10 or PM2.5 inlet to measure the concentration of different particles
Measurement range:0~0.20~10~20~50~10mg/m3, adjustable
Flow Accuracy: ±2%
Flow Stability: ±2%
Calibration repeatability: ±2%
Minimum detection limit: 5 μg/m3(1h)1μg/m3(24h) 
NOX analysis module:
Principle: Chemiluminescence
Measurement range: (0-10)ppm or customized
Indicating error: ±2% FS
Minimum detection limit: ≤2.0ppb
Linearity error: ±1% FS
Range noise: ≤2.0ppb
Precision: ≤5.0ppb
Zero drift: ±2.0 ppb
Span Drift: ±5.0 ppb
Response Time: ≤120s
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