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Main business

Home purifier KJ200G-A01

Product description

Extremely sharp to capture the invisible hazards


※ CADR 500m³ / h

※ Child lock anti-misuse operation

※ filter replacement lights

※ simple style, 18cm ultra-thin body

※ intelligent mode, led touch screen, worry-free purification

※ negative ion clean air, healthy breathing

The main purification products:

※ Physical pollutants: dust, dust, PM10, PM2.5, smoke, hair and so on

※ chemical pollutants: formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, VOC and so on

※ biological contaminants: bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, insect mites and so on

※ negative ions: antibacterial purification and fresh air

Product Specifications:

Product Size

(High * width * thick) Packing size

(High * width * thick) Net weight kg gross weight kg

682 * 440 * 180781 * 534 * 27410.2 12.0

Voltage: 220V Power: 55W Noise (sound pressure level): ≤ 60dB (A)

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