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The group standard "Brand Value Evaluation of Environmental Protection Enterprises" prepared by Sailhero was officially released and implemented




      On May 1, 2022, under the guidance of the China Brand Building Promotion Association, the group standard T/CCBD 16-2022, "Brand Value Evaluation Environmental Protection Enterprises", which was jointly developed by 15 enterprises including Sailhero.

       The standard is based on the brand evaluation international standard ISO 20671:2019 "Brand Evaluation Basis and Principles", which gives the evaluation model, brand strength indicators and evaluation process of environmental protection enterprise brand value evaluation, etc. It is applicable to enterprises engaged in environmental protection and governance to carry out brand value evaluation, and can also be used by other industry organizations and third-party institutions for reference.

      Participating in the development of "brand value evaluation of environmental protection enterprises" group standard, is not only the recognition of the strength of the first river environmental protection, but also confirmed the company's leading position in the field of environmental protection. As the main drafter of the document, Fan Chao, Vice President of the company, brought together the wisdom of the company's expert team and participated deeply in the whole process from discussion, writing to revision and publication of the standard, reflecting the high awareness of "brand value" and the confidence and determination to participate in the evaluation of the world's brands. Subsequently, the company will continue to participate in promoting the refinement of group standards and the interface with international standards, and strive to fully display the style of Chinese environmental brands in the international brand arena.